a great Weekend again

otro fin de semana divertido


Light: plenty. Love as well. Laughs. Looking forband finding treasures: dolls, letters....old dresses and costumes! bobbin laces makers (looks awesome but difficult) boxes, luggage, etc, etc, etc. Lots of tea times. Good food eaten in the garden.

weekend: old (very) things

To wash tissues and dresses, taking out the dust, to dress dolls, play, inventing stories. To put everything back in a chest for somebody to find again in the future....

8 comentarios:

  1. Very, very beautiful photographs and blog you have here! So nice to visit - it feels like a holiday :) xo

  2. Thank you Stephanie :) happy to see you here

  3. caty, preciosas todas1 A montar tu estudio!

    Te quiere, nena

  4. Nena! hola!!!! besitos! gracias

  5. Incredible pictures! Whoah! I see "L'atelier" on your post. Are you taking a course with Jackie Rueda?

  6. It definitely feels like a holiday - makes me realise I'd LOVE a holiday, too :) What beautiful light and colours!! I'm here through Creative Courage; your photography is amazing!

  7. Son muy bonitas las fotos Caty.
    Es para que estés orgullosa.


  8. gracias Toro! besitos hermoso!

    Thank you Mary! I learned interesting things in Jackie's Atelier and was fun. I got a new lens as well (the f 1.8, great with light)

    Thanks Yvonne! happy you like it :)